Saturday, 31 October 2020


Question From:

H. Indar, Chairman of the Leadership Development Project Masjid Al-Mujahidin Tapus Estuary, District Central Amuntai



After receiving and reading the book Guide Qurban sent to branches in Indonesia, I would like to respond to page 25 regarding the sale qurban skin. In my few years ago the skins were distributed along with the meat, but people did not eat even a discard. Therefore, there is an initiative of several mosques Development Committee to use it and avoid the wasteful nature. The committee asked that berqurban skins are to be sold and funds for the construction of mosques. Can this be done?


Similar questions ever submitted to us, and published in the year 1997 BC that point that the skin of animals that can be shared or sold, the result is buy goats or meat and given to the poor, or for others such as building mosques, are welcome to choose which one serious benefits in place qurban was held.

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