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Abdul Hamid Ibrabim, Village Tigarun RT II No. 63, District Central Amuntai, SungaiUtara Hulu District, Members of PDM HSU



Responding to Religious Fatwas published in Suara Muhammadiyah No.. 18/82/1997 December 15 to 30 September 1997, reconcile the bride is allowed on the grounds have i'lan function. According to reconcile my bride was not in accordance with the teachings of religion is therefore not necessary by reason of:

a. Mubadzir and burdensome costs of marriage. Prophet:


إِنَّ أَعْظَمَ النِّكَاحِ بَرَكَةً أَيْسَرُهُ مُؤْنَةً


It means: "Marriage is the most blessed are the easiest costs."

b. Reconcile the bride did not obey God's command to hold the vision, the opposite invite the eye to watch.

c. Reconcile the bride could also accompanied by other events to make it more festive, which is not in accordance with Islamic teachings. Therefore it should be removed.

d. In the minutes Let Bermuhammadiyah, by AR. Fakhruddin which was translated into Indonesian by Eddy Sugeng mentioned: Come in bermuhammadiyah earnestly practice the charity of Muhammadiyah. Right now there are people who already reconcile Muhammadiyah bride because the bandwagon, and there ... .


In our opinion reconcile the bride was not known in Islam, nor is there advice. Therefore be held, may not. Reconcile the bridegroom is customs for not deviate from the teachings of Islam (not israf, not redundant and others).

In addition, that reconcile the bride, there are also positive elements (serious benefits), among others:

a. Pray for the bride-though not necessarily meet face-to become family sakinah.

b. There is a relationship, either between the bridegroom / family by invitation or in between the invitation itself.

c. I'lan with a letter of invitation is no different tahni'ah feast by mail.

In conclusion, reconcile bride is fine as long as there are benefits and not burdensome.

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