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Question From:

Slamet Kastolani, Branch Chairman of Muhammadiyah Purwoharjo I,

Comal, Pemalang, Central Java


Suara Muhammadiyah No. In Magazine. 01 Th. 82nd, January 1, 1997, on page 24 Caregiver Rubric Fatwa Religion in answering the question the questioner about Tijarab senisab for Zakat (alms merchandise) is worth gold approximately 94 grams of pure 24 carat gold. But in the book Q & Religion by Tim PP Muhammadiyah Majlis Legal Affairs Committee, published by Voice of Muhammadiyah, at page 133 stated that senisab to charity tijarab worth 85 grams of pure 24 carat gold. The question is: Which of the two statements is correct? Because we as the board of Muhammadiyah feel the need to give a fatwa sebenarbenarnya to humanity.


Nisab property affected by the merchandise is if the obligation of zakat has reached the price of pure gold (24 carat) of 20 dinars. In calculating the 20 dinars a gram, was found several opinions, including one count with 85 grams and some are calculating with 94 grams. To be more careful in the pilgrimage of this charity, it is probably better to take opinions that count is 85 grams lighter. That is, if that was true is a matter of 85 grams, then the people who tithe means have fulfilled the provisions of (the law), religion as it should, but if it turns out that truth is a matter of 94 grams, the tithe does not fall on the wrong deeds, because he has fulfilled zakat , while the excess is removed is 1 / 20 x (94 gram-85 grams) = 1 / 20 x 9 grams, intended only as sadaqah. But if it takes a matter of 94 grams, then it turns out the correct 85 grams, meaning people who own property worth of merchandise from 85-93 grams of pure gold has not tithe, but he should have been tithe. As we know, when it reached one nisab and have met haulnya must tithe. Furthermore, to be understood that this explanation was correct answers means mentioned in BC No. 01 Th. 82nd, January 1, 1997.



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