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Mu’ti: Money Can’t Buy Muhammadiyah

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, JAKARTA - General Secretary of the Central Board of MuhammadiyahAbdul Mu’ti responded to a rumor of a flow of funds regarding the Uighur Muslim issue. The response was stated in the opening of monthly preaching of Muhammadiyah at Muhammadiyah Office of Jakarta on Friday (13/9).

“Muhammadiyah may not do something and may not keep silent only because of receiving financial support. I must emphasize it since a lot of provocative news has been disseminated by media, particularly online media such as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and CNN, these recent two days. The news mentioned that China’s diplomacy and funds blunt criticism of NU and Muhammadiyah toward China’s treatment of Uighurs,” highlighted Mu’ti.

He stressed that money cannot buy Muhammadiyah.

“Muhammadiyah’s statements and programs will always be independent. Thus, it is not true if Muhammadiyah loses its conscience because of the funds,” maintained Mu’ti.

News posted by the WSJ is unjustified. “The news obviously has interests of the US,” conveyed Mu’ti.

“When the United States ambassador visited Muhammadiyah, he required us to make statements dealing with Uighurs. However, we emphasized that Muhammadiyah possesses its own perspective on the issue and all Muhammadiyah’s declaration should always be supported by data,” told Mu’ti.

According to Mu’ti, the Uighur issue is used as a mean of the US politics to win a political competition between China and the US.

Mu’ti confirmed that Muhammadiyah’s action toward human rights violations is obvious. “Muhammadiyah criticizes whoever does the human rights violations wherever and whenever they are. Hence, Muhammadiyah cannot be purchased and paid for certain interests, particularly another country’s interests,” asserted Mu’ti.

Regarding various issues, Muhammadiyah confirmed this movement will always express its thoughts in accordance with principles of amar maruf nahi munkar, commanding the good, forbidding the evil. Indeed, Muhammadiyah has nothing to do with politics of other countries.

“Therefore, news on the WJS is absolutely wrong and misleading. Insya Allah, Muhammadiyah will always voice the truth and be independent,” affirmed Mu’ti.

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