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Keys to Create Advanced Cadres

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, SLEMAN– General Chairman of the Central Board Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir officially opened National Darul Arqom and Muhammadiyah Instructor Inauguration. Conducted on 8-14 December 2019 at Building of P4TK Seni Budaya Kaliurang, Sleman, Haedar also becomes a keynote speaker at the inauguration.

He stated that Muhammadiyah cadres should become a shield of Muhammadiyah since they are a core of the movement.

“Being the center of a movement is not easy so that preparation such as the darul arqom is necessary,” declared Haedar.

He added that to create advanced cadres requires sincerity and persistence. The two aspects should be performed well so that Muhammadiyah can possess the best cadres in all realms.

“The progressive cadres refer to cadres who have the sincerity and persistence to undertake organization missions,” explained Haedar.

According to Haedar, the persistence is strength to achieve visions and goals of the movement, Developed Indonesia and Islam.

He believed that advanced cadres will always endeavor to reach aims and visions of Islamic dakwah instead of doing it to get a position.

“If their actions are weak, they should be questioned because, according to Darwin, real cadres possess a struggle for life. They have vigor to live and strive,” conveyed Haedar.

He also advised that developing the movement necessitates high enthusiasm.

If they have tried with a vengeance, they should be patient to obtain the results.

“Giving has long gone for the advanced cadres because they have great patience,” emphasized Haedar.


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