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SM Tower Portrays Economic Independence of Muhammadiyah

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Suara Muhammadiyah (SM) will establish SM Tower. The groundbreaking was already conducted on Sunday (17/11).

Director of Suara Muhamamdiyah Deni Asy’ari explained that the SM Tower is lodging for Muhammadiyah people’s activities.

“Many Muhammadiyah members stay in a hotel when they have to attend a meeting in Yogyakarta. SM Tower is constructed for facilitating them. Thus, the velocity of money happens in Muhammadiyah so that the results can be perceived by the Muhammadiyah members,” Deni stated.

The SM Tower, Deni inserted, will become a symbol of economic independence of Muhammadiyah.

Mayor of Yogyakarta Haryadi Suyuti appreciated the establishment of SM Tower; indeed, SM Magazine is now targeting millennial generations. He believed that future Indonesian leaders will be from Muhammadiyah youths.

“I wish that the construction could run well so that the SM Tower can become our pride,” he ended.

Additionally, the groundbreaking was organized along with the launching of 48 merchandises of the 48th Muhamamdiyah Congress, launching of a historical book of a century of SM, the launching of SM Digital, and the signing of Memorandum of Understanding among the SM, Republika, and TV Muhammadiyah.


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