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Zoran Ludgiv Goes 10,500 Kilometers to Convert to Islam

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, JAKARTA –  Hidayah (guidance) can is the absolute right of Allah and can be given to anyone whenever it is. On Tuesday (13/11), the hidayah came to a Bosnian man Zoran Ludgiv who converted to Islam.

Having a disability did not hamper Zoran (32 years old) to come to Indonesia.

He began believing in Islam and was guided by Vice Chair of Majlis of Tabligh of Muhammadiyah Risman Mochtar

“Zoran had communicated with someone from Muhammadiyah Regional Board of Bengkulu on Facebook. He wished an assistance to convert to Islam. The Muhammadiyah cadre recommended Zoran to proclaim himself as a Muslim at Muhammadiyah office, Jakarta. In fact, he once visited Jakarta. Zoran paid his own expenses to visit the office,” told Buya Risman.

Buya Risman informed that there have been many mu’allaf (people, non-Muslims, who convert to Islam) from a number of countries such as Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Nigeria. However, the Majlis do not have the data yet.

“This is our shortage. May we be able to improve it,” stated Buya Risman.

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