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Haedar Nashir Conveys Moral Messages to Elected Legislative Members

MUHAMMADIYAH.OR.ID, YOGYAKARTA — General Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir congratulated all members of Regional Representative Councils (DPRD, DPD) and House of Representatives (DPR) who will be inaugurated a period of 2019-2024. He also advised them.

Haedar declared that legislative members should preserve mandates from the people.

Thus, they have to be aware that being elected means having responsibilities instead of social prestige or pride.

“If they realize that it is a mandate, they will extend people’s aspiration and speak for the people. If it deals with people’s interests, the speakers will become great politicians and statesmen,” conveyed Haedar at Grha Suara Muhammadiyah on Wednesday (14/8).

Bringing Visions and Missions of Muhammadiyah

Haedar urged Muhammadiyah carders elected as legislative members to bring missions of Muhammadiyah to develop this nation.

“Good luck for working in the center or region. Muhammadiyah cadres should engage Muhammadiyah missions to embody moral values and values of struggle, and if possible they can lighten burdens of Muhammadiyah. They may not merely think about material matters, but they have to keep in mind that the trustworthiness is everything,” emphasized Haedar.

“Perform the mandate well, with high integrity, professionally, sincerely, and persistently. Prioritize interests of the people, nation, and movement,” he inserted.

Politics possesses challenging dynamics and difficulties so that Muhammadiyah cadres should be tough cadres. “Do not blame Muhammadiyah when getting difficulties. For instance, someone insists Muhammadiyah and confounds political matters with Muhammadiyah matters,” asserted Haedar.

Indeed, Muhammadiyah may not be involved in political parties.

“Respect Muhammadiyah and put Muhammadiyah as a social religious movement. If you can, ease Muhammadiyah burdens,” stressed Haedar. 

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