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PUTM Alumni Should Concern with Fundamental Issues

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Students of Pendidikan Ulama Tarjih Muhammadiyah (PUTM) will devote themselves to serve Muhammadiyah charity in a number of areas of Indonesia for three years.

Prior to their departure, they had Baitul Arqam to grasp recent issues of people at Panti Asuhan Yatim (an orphanage) K.H. Ahmad Dahlan Lowanu on Sunday (21/9).

General Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah 1995-1998 Amien Rais stated that alumni of PUTM may not merely focus on furu’ (secondary matters) so that ushul (primary issues) are overlooked. It is essential to uphold fundamental matters comprising of five goals, namely hifzdu ad-Diin, hifdz al-Aql, hifdzu an-Nafs, hifdzu an-Nasl, hifdzu al-Maal.

“In leadership, it is necessary to grasp maqashid syariah so that leaders can make policies to evade damages and to preserve religions, mind, soul, offsprings, and wealth. One of the means to uphold the notion is contributing to be a leader,” declared Amien.

He added that faithful people should be willing to be a leader so that they can become kholifah fil ardh.

He also advised the students to refrain themselves from dunya wa karahiyatul maut hubbud (loving the world and fearing the death) since it will undermine their intention and lead to bad deeds.


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