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National Children’s Day, Haedar: Children Are Generations to Mold Khairu Ummah

MUHAMMADIYAHID, YOGYAKARTA - Commemorating National Children's Day on 23 July, General Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir encouraged parents to love and be amiable to their children.

“Children are qurota ayyun, the coolness of eyes, for their family. They are the future generations to have offsprings and parts of the life of sakinah mawadah wa rahmah,” declared Haedar on Tuesday (23/7) when visiting TK ABA Kauman, Yogyakarta.

In the life of the nation, Haedar continued, children are generation to mold khairu ummah (the best people).

“They and other children from Sabang to Merauke possess distinctive backgrounds and conditions, but they have to have a bright future,” asserted Haedar.

They should live safely and comfortably. They have to be protected from violence and everything which holds them back.

“Children are a mandate from Allah SWT to foster this nation. I believe that they are the ones who will proceed the development of this nation. They are valuable assets for the development and civilization of this world,” stated Haedar.

Thus, we have to educate children to be generations who have faith in Allah, good morals, and sociability so that they become khairu ummah (the best people).

In an Islamic perspective and Indonesian culture, it is our mandatory to educate them about understanding of tauhid so that they get close to Allah. We should teach them good attitudes in order that they live appropriately and obediently.

“We should teach them creative and innovative intelligence so that they will become generations who develop civilization. We have to encourage the children to experience a social life so that they will grow as generations of rahmatan lil ‘alamamin,” recommended Haedar. 

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