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LazisMu Initiates Systematic Islamic Philanthropy

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, WAJO - Islam always requires strong knowledge and vigor to raise Muhammadiyah. Thus, believing in Islam and performing Islamic teaching can be considered easy, but being the best needs more endeavor and eagerness to learn.

The aforementioned statements were mentioned by Head of Office of Muhammadiyah Zakat Infaq Shodaqoh (LazisMu) Hilman Latief when delivering preaching at Masjid Agung Wajo, Sulawesi Selatan on Tuesday (23/5).

Hilman stated that people should be encouraged to implement Islamic philanthropy systematically.

“We sometimes think that performing zakat (alms) is giving zakat, but it refers to paying zakat. The zakat rules and enthusiasm between giving and paying are distinctive,” declared Hilman.

According to Hilman, it is necessary to reinforce literacy and raise children’s awareness of reading. “We may not let their thumbs move faster than their thinking capability.

Hilman advised the people to preserve unity in this post-election era and to cease scoffing.

He also expected that Regent of Wajo can support the accomplishment of LazisMu office establishment. The office was a house and area, a wakaf by a former rector of IAIN Alauddin.

“I believe that this office will become the greatest LazisMu office in Indonesia. This, LazisMu staffs in Wajo should go hand in hand with the trust of the Regent by doing massive and systematic efforts,” expressed Hilman.

Additionally, Regent of Wajo Amran Mahmud handed over an aid of an ambulance to LazisMu. He contended that LazisMu is a strategic partner. He expected that LazisMu could collaborate with government to serve community who does not possess insurance.


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